As much as you tend to your dog’s appearance, nothing compares to a professional grooming. Our certified groomers are here to help seven days a week, having been trained at accredited academies where the emphasis is on proper technique, scissoring, breed standards, mixed breed cut design, and canine skin issues.

Each dog receives a gentle bath using only the finest products, including hypoallergenic and oatmeal shampoos for more sensitive dogs, as well as a soothing and moisturizing conditioner. They are given a thorough brush-out and de-shedding treatment which removes matting and smooths out the undercoat. We also clean your dog’s ears, brush their teeth, and clip their nails if needed. A variety of drying techniques are used to meet the specific needs each dog’s breed and age requires. While our groomers are trained on standard breed cuts we will happily groom your dog to your specifications. Whether you’re pressed for time, or just want your pet to stay looking its best during a rainy day, we offer pick-up and drop-off services.

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