One of our insured and bonded walkers will meet with you before we walk your dog for the first time. During this initial meeting we will ask about any special requirements or instructions you have. After the meeting you can set up a regular schedule or call as you need our services.

For added convenience you can leave a set of keys with us or your doorman and a walk is only a phone call away. Walks are half an hour with a maximum of two dogs- no pack walking ever- which means more individualized attention and, most importantly, a safe experience for your pup. Daycare/boarding is not for every dog, perhaps due to age or a medical condition. Our in-home feeding service offers you and your dog a great alternative. We will gladly schedule multiple walks daily and feed your pet according to your instructions, also enduring they always have fresh, clean water.

We didn’t forget about our feline friends; we are happy to provide your kitty with much needed company, feeding, water, and litter-box changing. Whether you’re out of town or working long days, our in-home services allow you to give your pets the attention and care that they thrive on.

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